Trial coverage and a live-stream

I’m going to link to the local news outlets’s coverage of the civil lawsuit trial between formerly tenured faculty members and Ashland University. The Ashland Times-Gazette and Ashland Source both covered yesterday’s (Thursday) opening statements and first witnesses.

Click here for the Times-Gazette story

Click here for the Ashland Source story

I love the fact that Ashland County Common Pleas Court is live-streaming the trial. The video and sound quality are not great, but you can keep up with what witnesses are testifying to. Yesterday, former Philosophy professor Dr. Jeffrey Tiel and former Foreign Languages professor Dr. William Cummins testified. This morning’s court will open with a cross-examination of Cummins.

Click here for the live-stream of the trial

I’ll be driving back to Ohio today, as I am slated to testify on Monday. On Wednesday, Judge Ronald P. Forsthoefel overruled the university’s lawyers’ objection to my potential testimony.

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